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The Li'l Grande Trackless Train company recently formed, receives their first train. An 0-6-0 Mini Express numbered 321 manufactured by The Wattman Company. The engine arrived at the Li'l Grande company shop where it will get additional upgrades to company standards. The engine will be coupled with a two car passenger consist and be available for engineers and train staff going through the company's familiarization and training process. Company officials commented, "this is the best train made, we wanted the best for our customers, it will be super fun."  The train will be in passenger service at parties and events throughout the North Texas area. The company is eager to put this train into regular service.

Our first community event. BIG Success!

Look at the line of people waiting to ride.

Thank you, Rockwall Downtown Business Association for sponsoring the train.

The citizens of Rockwall are lucky to have such a caring and active group of small business owners.

October 26, 2019

Familiarization and training continues. We invite a family of five generations to come out, ride the train and give us feedback. We receive great input, which leads to additional improvements for the comfort and enjoyment of our future riders.

     Thank you to the Tobias and Bear Families for your help. Congratulations! Great Grandma O'Brien for 93 years of                     blessings and four generations of beautiful family.

September 30, 2019

Birthday party at a community center. This wonderful family selected this site which has beautiful landscaping. Li'l Grande staff planned the route to take advantage of the scenery. The kids loved going underneath that archway.

Thank you Banda family for allowing us to be a part of a special birthday.

September 11, 2020


The Company Buys Their First Train

Irving Mall sponsored the train to parade Santa Claus in for the 2019 Holiday Season. The mall staff and merchants loved our train and we were asked to stay through the entire holiday season. We received great reviews, made many friends, including Old St. Nick, and had lots of fun.

Irving Mall has provided a permanent station for our train. The train station is currently open Saturdays and Sundays.

November 29, 2019

Please feel free to scroll through our Museum Gallery.

We hope that you can feel the gratitude that we have for our customers and fans, and the pride of our progress and success.

Company stockholders, a.k.a. sisters and Mami come out to Irving Mall for a quality control ride. Blessed to have the whole family involved in our business.

December 1, 2019

Hometown Christmas

display coming soon

December 7, 2019

Special Delivery

display coming soon

March 17, 2020


Just months into starting our business, and with events scheduled for the months ahead. We started planning expansion, but overnight all parties and events cancelled.

Everything shut down. Many unknowns lay ahead. We stored our train, worked on what we could, kept our family close and strengthened our faith.

The fine craftmanship of the best trackless train in the world.